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Welcome to the HSSA blog

Welcome to the HSSA blog “Uncertain Safety and Certain Unsafety”.

The blog will present, on a regular basis, comments and opinion from HSSA advisors and invited guests on a range of topics. Your comments and feedback are very welcome and we will post all reasonable feedback.

The first subject that I want to talk about (“What Happened to the Patients in Patient Safety?”) is still germinating and will appear soon. In the meantime our venerable webmaster, Andrea Barbieri, thought it might be a good idea to use this first blog as a way to introduce a review I have submitted recently. Perhaps I have been too opinionated in my comments about the recent article in the NEJM by Wachter and Pronovost on the very important topic of “blame and shame” in the patient safety realm (click to see the review), particularly as it applies to the individual responsibility of healthcare providers at all levels of the system to act in ways that are consistent with decreasing potential harm to patients. The subject they have chosen is hand washing.

I felt there were some significant shortcomings in the article and perhaps instead of making pointed criticisms I should have written an article to counter their views. I will look forward to comments and feedback on this important topic in general, as well as whether or not the review was perhaps too critical.

The origin of the name of the blog will become clear when a colleague submits a review of a recent fascinating article from the Netherlands.