Feedback about SPHERE

The SPHERE workshop engaged me in new ways of thinking about, assessing, and understanding serious adverse events in healthcare. My frustrations with “The System” have lessened in light of applying the Systemic Analysis Method (SAM). Most importantly of all however, SPHERE-2 has given me renewed optimism for the “non-linear” quality and safety journey we’re upon.

Thanks to Rob and Darrell!

Susan Pajor, Patient Safety Coordinator
Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford, Ontario

“This course helped me to identify the pitfalls that exist for falling into simplistic and illusory ‘root cause maps’ not only within my own mind, but in working with groups as well. The learning will take you out of the mechanistic QI model built upon Cogito, ergo sum… into a more contemporary, 21st century model of identifying patterns that both contribute to and undermine successful outcomes…”

Ryan Sidorchuk, 
Manager, Patient Care Quality Office/Patient Safety Investigations,
Interior Health BC

“Prevention and mitigation of risks to patients requires a shift in thinking in healthcare. To develop an understanding of why incidents happen we need to move from a cause and effect accident model to one that sees incidents as arising from the day to day interaction of parts or processes within the system. The systemic non-linear approach to reviewing healthcare events facilitates such an understanding.”

Kristine Hannah,
Regional Program Director-Quality Improvement & Risk Management, 
Regional Health Authority – Central Manitoba Inc.

“SPHERE training offered both theoretical and practical insights into incident investigation in complex healthcare environments. Investigational concepts presented were solidly rooted in complexity and human factors literature and the unique presentation style and fulsome interactions with peers challenged me to employ narratives to evoke emotion as a driver for change in health care and strategically review and revise our organizational investigation processes to ensure we create the best possible structure to effect change towards a safer health care experience for our patients and others’.”

Sandy Critchley, Professional Practice Coordinator & Interim Corporate Quality, Patient Safety & Professional Practice Leader
Headwaters Health Care Centre, Orangeville, Ontario