Patient and Family Resource Centre

Fundamental changes to the way in which healthcare services are provided will only happen with the direct and active participation of those with the strongest interest to improve safety and quality – namely the patients receiving services (along with members of their family constellation).

The Patient and Family Resource Centre is still being conceptualized and created. Collaborative construction efforts are presently underway with a goal to providing patients and families with accurate information and links to resources about:

  • Accessing healthcare records
  • Legislative frameworks about the disclosure of healthcare events to patients and families
  • The extent and purpose of legal protection (“privilege” under the Evidence Act) for the activities of patient safety and quality review committees
  • Legislative frameworks about the duties of facilities towards patients and families
  • How to raise concerns effectively with individual providers, facilities and licensing bodies

The Patient and Family Resource Centre intends to become a source of reliable accurate information that will assist patients and families who are trying to make sense of events that have happened while they were receiving care. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary resources to be a support centre for patients and families that are dealing with the impact of a critical incident. Active links to organizations that can provide support following an unexpected harm event will be provided.