The SPHERE workshop is a two-day intensive workshop that exposes participants to the systemic non-linear approach to understanding critical incidents and other healthcare events. The workshops are offered in two formats.

The first standardized format provides an overview of the theory and demonstrates the method through the use of multiple case examples. This format is applicable to systems other than healthcare although the majority of examples are from that field. The standardized workshop is often offered in conjunction with academic institutions or national and provincial organizations.

The second format is a customized workshop that will be adapted to the particular needs of a given region, city, or facility. Customization also involves the focus of the case examples that are used – for instance, a customized workshop at an acute care facility would end up illustrating principles and tools through very different case examples than would be appropriate for a workshop oriented towards a pre-hospital program or organization (for instance one that provides extensive home care services).

For more information about the cost and content of the different formats, contact workshops@hssa.ca

See an overview of the content of the standardized workshop.