Risk Assessment

Prospective Risk Assessment of Processes in Healthcare
(PRAPH Workshop – in development)

The SPHERE Workshop presents a systemic non-linear approach to the retrospective review and analysis of events that have already occurred. It makes sense that in complex adaptive systems such as healthcare a similar systemic non-linear approach will be particularly useful in prospective assessment of risk associated with a wide variety of healthcare processes and initiatives. PRAPH will do exactly that.

At the present time most prospective assessment tools use strictly linear quantitative approaches (for instance, FMEA, Six Sigma, and to a great extent, LEAN) to understand the risks connected to various healthcare processes. While such a linear approach will be helpful in a small number of processes and projects in healthcare, most of the time the understanding that is generated by such an approach will be very limited. Indeed, applying linear tools in a CAS environment that demands systemic non-linear approaches will, more often than not, result in confusing or frankly inappropriate assessments of the risks (for patients, staff, and organizations in healthcare) of processes.

The PRAPH workshop will also show how organizations can begin to generate meaningful qualitative measures that will allow the evaluation of the efforts of the organizations, individual departments and sub-units as well as specific processes. Dashboards and scorecards intended to measure organizational performance will take on a very different appearance with a systemic non-linear approach.