Dr. Robert Robson


Dr. Robert Robson

As Chief Patient Safety Officer of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Dr. Robson was responsible for coordinating patient safety programs and initiatives throughout the region for more than five years. He remains involved with WRHA in a reduced capacity as co-investigator of a four-year research project assessing the impact of systemic accident investigation and analysis methods in patient safety critical incident reviews.

Rob served as a member of the Board of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety for five years and was co-chair of one of the six modules that constitute the Safety Competencies project of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is Chair of the Communications Advisory Committee of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Dr. Robson recently completed his Master’s (MSc.) in Human Factors and System Safety, from Lund University in Sweden and is part of an international research development group refining systemic accident analysis models (such as FRAM) with reference to their application in healthcare. He is the principal of the recently formed Healthcare System Safety and Accountability Advisors.

Rob is a specialist emergency physician who continues to practice, having worked in community hospital and tertiary care emergency departments. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Graduate Studies of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine.

Rob is a Harvard trained healthcare mediator and has been active in Canadian and U.S. conflict resolution organizations for many years. He has written articles on the use of mediation and other dispute resolution techniques in healthcare. As well, he has written about the link between conflict resolution and improved patient safety outcomes. Rob is a founding Director of the healthcare mediation services company mediate.calm.

Dr. Robson also has a significant background and experience in the field of healthcare risk management, liability assessment, and litigation management issues. He is presently writing a book (Counting Toilet Seats is not Enough) that explores the application of complexity theory to healthcare systems.