Professor Erik Hollnagel


Associate Advisor

Prof. Erik Hollnagel

Erik Hollnagel has through his career achieved in-depth knowledge from several fields of application, including nuclear power plants, aviation and air traffic management, industrial processes, land-based transportation, off-shore production, and health care. He has worked at universities, research centres, and industries in several countries and with problems ranging from design, evaluation, safety culture, accident investigation, risk assessment, and organisational change.

Erik Hollnagel is currently Chief Consultant at the Center for Quality Improvement, Region of Southern Denmark, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Industrial Safety Chair at MINES ParisTech (France) and Professor Emeritus at Linköping University (Sweden). He has also for many years been active as a consultant for government and private organisations around the world. From the beginning of 2000s he has been instrumental in the development of resilience engineering, in close collaboration with an international group of researchers and practitioners. The current focus of his work is the continued development of this new approach to safety and safety management, with emphasis on both the articulation of the theoretical basis and the formulation and implementation of practical methods. The latter takes place in close collaboration with various industries and end-user organisations.