Elaine Pelletier

B.F.A., M.Sc.

Complexity Analysis Advisor

Complexity Analysis Advisor for HSSA

Elaine brings a passion for exploring the nonlinear aspects of complex systems to her varied areas of work. For seven years she was working full-time with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, most recently as the Leader of Patient Safety Complexity and Analysis. Elaine has education and experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis, including statistics (B.Sc. – Gold medal recipient – University of Winnipeg). She has applied a systemic nonlinear perspective, with related methods, to both research and investigative topics.

Having a Fine Arts background in both visual arts and dance-movement Elaine’s work and study of the nonlinear and therapeutic relationship between motion and emotion has influenced many aspects of her work. Thus she specializes in applying these broad analytical skills to the exploration of the functional relationships found in healthcare systems.